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Quick Healthy Pancakes


Growing up, my step-father came into our lives when I was 11. He was born in Tennessee and opened my eyes to what a true country breakfast should taste like complete with pancakes, eggs, bacon, grits, gravy… and we can’t forget the homemade biscuits. Needless to say, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!

Now, because of my gym head husband, I’ve had to tame my meals drastically but still learn how to keep them tasty. One easy thing I do is re-vamp my pancake recipe. So super easy!

Step 1: I start by using regular pancake mix like Bisquick. You can even opt for buying the heart healthy or whole wheat version or make your own mix (I’ll include a quick mix recipe you can make yourself and just keep it in your pantry when you need it). The mix always ask for milk and eggs. I use fat free milk and instead of the whole egg I use the egg white only.

Step 2: To make them super fluffy, whisk the egg white in a separate bowl till soft peaks form. Make sure to wash your bowl and whisk beforehand or your egg whites will break and never fluff up.20131210-230537.jpg

Step 3: I then fold half the egg whites into the mix and slowly combine. It’s okay if the mix looks streaky. Over mixing will pop all the lovely airy bubbles you made. Then I fold in the remaining egg whites until combined.20131210-230551.jpg

Step 4: Next, follow the rest of the directions on the box and ‘Voila’… Super Fluffy Pancakes!



Fancy Not-So-Fancy Chef Trick



Sooooo…. when I was in cooking school, one of my classes was knife skills. They basically teach you how to cut things so they look pleasing to the eyes, which makes people want to eat your food. It’s sort of like being a food artist. I’m a little OCD so chopping up carrots all the same size was fun for me. I know, I’m strange!

Anyways, one fancy thing they teach you is segmenting citrus so all you eat is the juicy segments without any pith, which is sometimes bitter and chewy. You are taught to cut away the outside skin and carefully slice each segment out with your paring knife. I always hated that you’d still leave so much pulp behind if you didn’t exactly slice right next to the membrane.

So, after some trial and error, I actually found an easy way of getting this done without slicing your fingers off and keeping every juicy morsel of pulp!! Check out this fancy not-so-fancy way of segmenting an orange. I promise, your guests will be amazed!

I am going to post up one of my favorite recipes after this one which will put your new secret skills to the test!

Step 1: Slice each end off the orange so you have a flat surface to work with.


2. Lay the orange on one of the flat sides and start slicing strips of the skin off. Then flip the orange over and cut the remaining skin. (Try to curve the knife as if you’re cutting in the shape of the orange. It’s okay if you don’t get all of the pith off in one cut; it’s better to go back and cut more than cut part of the orange.)


3. Slice the orange in half. (I try to pick a spot close to one of the membranes so I can keep the segments intact.)


4. Now… here is the secret to the trick!! Slice the middle of the orange in a ‘V’ shape to cut the center section out.


5. The orange will look like this when you stand them up. Make sure there isn’t any skin still connecting the slices together in the middle.


6. All you have to do now is separate the segments by peeling away the membrane. Do not try to peel it from the outside of the orange or it won’t work. You have to peel it away from the inside. (Note: Do not use an old orange because the membrane seems to stick more to the segments and it is really hard to peel off.)


Now you are left with perfect orange slices!!! Enjoy